The municipality of Sahagún has a rich Historical Heritage, with 5 Cultural Interest assets

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The Spanish Historical Heritage Law defines a Cultural Interest Asset:

“In the heart of Spanish Historical Heritage, and in order to grant greater protection and tutelage, the category of Cultural Interest Asset acquires unique value, and covers moveable and immoveable property of that Patrimony, which requires this protection in a more obvious way. This category also implies unique measures established by the Law depending on the nature of the assets in question”.

Royal Monastery of San Benito

This old monastery has deserved the qualification of Cultural Interest Asset in the category of Monuments, and forms part of the Jacobean Route. It was an Abbey built in honour of the martyrs Saint Facundo and Saint Primitivo, who were decapitated by the Romans.

San Tirso church

This religious building is most representative of Romanesque-Mudejar art in Castile and León. In fact, it was later used as a model to build other churches in the same area, such as San Lorenzo.

San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo church, built entirely of Moorish brick, is the other jewel built in Romanesque style in Sahagún. Perfectly geometrical, it has the same architectural characteristics as San Tirso, floor plan, naves and apses, as well as a magnificent tower with four floors, decreasing in height.

Peregrina church

Originally a Franciscan convent founded around 1257, the sanctuary is situated on a hill on the outskirts of the town

San Pedro De Las Dueñas Monastery

Began in stone in 1087 and finished in brick in 1110. Basilical floor plan with naves separated by three semicircular arches, covered with a stone ribbed barrel vault. Above the presbytery of the Chancery there is a square brick tower with decreasing sections. Remarkable collection of capitals inside and a magnificent Christ by Gregorio Fernández.

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