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The Town of Sahagún

Sahagún is a municipality and town in the south west of the province of León, in the northwestern part of the autonomous region of Castile and León. Located between the rivers Cea and Valderaduey, it shares Tierra de Sahagún with the neighbouring municipalities of Cea, Grajal de Campos or Calzada del Coto.

Its municipal district has boundaries to the north with Cea, to the east with Palencia province, to the south with Grajal de Campos and Valladolid province and to the west with Gordaliza del Pino, Calzada del Coto and Villamol

Legend has it that in 820, a hermit called Paio came across the tomb of Saint James amongst the remains of an old Roman camp. A small sanctuary was built in the same place, which continued growing until it became the cathedral we know today. Since then, all Europe...
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The enormous range of touristic and cultural activities in Sahagún and the surrounding area makes it the ideal place for a short break or for those who want to spend more time learning about its rich patrimony, gastronomy and cultural heritage.

The municipal area and town of Sahagún is located in the southwest of León province, in the north west of Castile and León autonomous region.