Canto Bridge

This is the most important piece of civil architectural work in Sahagún

It was built in the XVIII century, making use of the ashlars of a small unfinished chapel, although its origins date back to the Roman empire. It was built over the Cea river and forms part of the Jacobean Route.

It is also the entrance/exit to the town from the old N-120 road to León. At the entrance to the bridge from the centre of  Sahagún, there is a stone cross that marks the point where the French Road joins the Road to Madrid.

Constituye también la entrada/salida a la villa desde la antigua Ctra. N-120 dirección León. A la entrada del puente desde la parte del centro de Sahagún hay un cruceiro que simboliza la unión del Camino de Santiago Francés con el Camino de Madrid.