Ermita de la Virgen del Puente

Mudejar-style XIII century hermitage

The hermitage is approximately three kilometres east of Sahagún and is the first building on the French Route (Jacobean Route) on entering León.
It owes its name to its location near the bridge over the Valderaduey river. Built in Mudejar style, it has one nave and a very small chancel with a semi-hexagonal apse, blind arches and corner friezes.
For a time, the hermitage and Nuestra Señora del Puente hospital were managed by the Canons Regular of Trianos. From the XVI century, the Chapter of priests of Sahagún appeared as the successors of the Brotherhood and administrators of the two buildings.
For years, the hermitage was a hospital for pilgrims and lepers. Amongst many other things, it is currently the venue of the San Marcos festival on 25th April, with a pilgrimage and the famous Tantáriga or Tantárida dance. The Town Council gives out bread and cheese.
Just in the meadow, opposite the hermitage, is the monument to the geographical centre of the Jacobean Route.