Today, the gastronomy of the town has become an element of reference if you decide to visit Sahagún. Its gastromy and that of the whole area, has always been rich and abundant and you can try it in the numerous bars and restaurants in the area, during the Gastronomic Workshops or the Municipal Festival.

Leeks from Sahagún

Leeks are the star product of Sahagún gastronomy. They are characteristically white, tender and have a unique taste because they are grown in vegetable gardens watered by the river Cea, which makes them really different.

The Cluny monks were the first to bring leeks to the region of Sahagún and it was the Benedictine monks who started to grow them throughout the Cea area.

Apart from leeks, Sahagún also has a wide and varied selection of other products including lentils, “Sahagún”-style beans, “Prieto Picudo wine, D.O. León, chick peas, “Muela” beans, etc,…

There are also a wide variety of game dishes, mainly hare, partridge, quail, pigeon, etc,… Also, crabs, snails and typical products obtained from the slaughter of pigs.

As the perfect ending to a good meal, a delicious typical dessert such as “galletas de hierro”, “amarguillos” or “canutillos de crema” must not be missed. Those without a sweet tooth should try the sheep’s cheese.